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Writer, Podcaster, Motivator, and Freelancer who wants to inspire others. Guinness World Record Holder, and Gamer.


  • Gancaranada


  • Vincent Van Patten

    Vincent Van Patten

    A human on a journey. Host of The Dare to Dream Podcast. Check out my debut book: Arrows of Youth

  • Sparkle Affiliate World

    Sparkle Affiliate World

    Sparkle Affiliate World is a brand that is focused on alerting readers, creators, influencers and shoppers of existing as well as new products and services.

  • Luchingba k

    Luchingba k

  • Kevin weight brown

    Kevin weight brown

    You dream of owning a business and experiencing its many benefits – freedom, power, wealth, and fulfillment. But you don’t want to start a business on your own.

  • a cat

    a cat

    I like to read, and I was nothing but a reader, but then I started writing when I saw myself writing. I became a writer of my own, but that was all until a cat.

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