Do You Want To Write Creatively? Use These Prompts

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I’ve always loved writing prompts — they’re so effective at getting a creative mind working again when it feels sluggish and unproductive.

In the space of just a few words, you can get those cognitive gears whirring, and before you know it, you’ll have a few paragraphs on the page. When you’re handed an idea, it suddenly becomes much easier for the words to flow from your mind to the page. Even if you’re using the prompt as a foundation to create something completely different, what you write unequivocally starts with that single line of suggestive text.

With that in mind, I’d like to offer up some creative writing prompts that I know will inspire some people to get writing as soon as they’ve read them.

She gripped the rim of the porcelain sink and tried to steady her hands.

“One last time,” she whispered to herself.

Seven years ago, every human on Earth fell victim to a collective and overwhelming wave of complete amnesia.

You woke up this morning and remembered everything.

He watched in frozen terror as the car that had rocketed past him smashed clean from the single-track road, landing nose-down, deep within a ditch.

Wasting no time, he ran to the aid of the driver, but when he reached the car, he found it completely abandoned.

“Please, you need to help me,” he begged. “We’ve known each other fifteen years.”

That was true, but the friend you’d known since you were teenagers had never come to you before with a gun in their belt and blood on their hands.

As the next train appeared in the distance, an announcement erupted over the tannoy system, stating that it wouldn’t stop at this station.

At that moment, he saw her; anxious and distraught, with tears streaming down her face. She started moving toward the platform edge.

He reached for the door handle, pausing for a moment as his mother called out to him.

“You behave yourself today, okay?” She urged.

“Yes, I promise.”

What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, he thought to himself.

There was no real alternative — she simply had to walk down the alley that she’d avoided since she was a child.

As her feet pounded the asphalt, her breath caught suddenly in her throat. There was a figure ahead, and it was moving quickly towards her.

They’d played in that forest for years; it seemed impossible that they’d never noticed the trap door before.

It looked innocent enough, but the sounds that came from behind it were heartbreaking.

As she stood atop the cliff, the violent winds whipping around her, she caught sight of the ship on the horizon.

Everything was about to change.

He was resting inside his small, two-man tent following a laborious climb up the wooded mountain.

Suddenly, a sound echoed in the darkness outside. He’d heard a voice — a guttural, harsh tone that chilled him to his core.

All but one of these prompts are original content, and I hope you enjoy expanding on them as much as I did creating them. There’s nothing quite as powerful as a creative mind, and you’re limited only by your own, individual imagination.

Go forth and create!

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Writer, Podcaster, Motivator, and Freelancer who wants to inspire others. Guinness World Record Holder, and Gamer.